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Have You Been Searching For Ways To Reduce Taxes, Eliminate Debt, and Create More Wealth?

Hi, I'm Leo Rosner.

If you are a medical professional, and want to discover new ways to reduce taxes, eliminate debt, and create wealth, I'd like to invite you to schedule a 15-minute introductory phone call with me.

As a special gift you'll receive a complimentary hardback copy of SMART Retirement: Discover The Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation published by ForbesBooks. 

Here is what Dr. Michael F. Roizen, Four-Time New York Times Best Selling Author had to say:

"The SMART Retirement system is eye-opening in its approach, enviable in its lucidity, and awesome in delivering actionable information. SMART Retirement isn't just about accumulating is really about how to maximize what you have to spend from that hard step of accumulation--so that the difficulty in accumulating can be worth the effort, and the trip down [the mountain] can be rich, fun and all you dreamed it could be."

SMART (Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation®) has been featured in more than 130 publications with over 85 million viewers. See what everyone is talking about!

Client Centered

Leo Rosner brings over 30 years of experience in financial analysis and planning to WSA. He holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters in Accounting from the University of Texas at Austin. Over the years, Leo and his clients have benefitted from his challenging work experiences at the nation's leading accounting and investment firms. His focus is to share proven financial strategies that allow his clients to realize their full financial potential by ensuring the highest and best use of every dollar at work within their plan. SMART (Strategic Movement Around Retirement Taxation) is based upon using tax and actuarial arbitrage resulting in reducing taxes, eliminating debt, and creating more wealth both now and in the future.